Stone Age (Board Game)

Stone Age is an iPhone and iPad version of the highly rated Stone Age board game originally published by Rio Grande games. During the game, you use your pool of tribe members to gather food and resources in order to build houses and collect items that arrive by boat. The strategy revolves around beating other players to strategic spots for gathering materials: places where cheap or scarce resources are gathered, or where boats carrying sought-after items are in the "cheaper" slots. You will particularly enjoy both the board and iPhone game if you enjoy action turn playing games such as Tikal (also available as Tikal for iPad) or Settlers of Catan: the game combines strategic elements of both.

This iPhone version (with an iPad version apparently on the way, according to the developers) is nicely implemented and faithful to the original board game. For those who are familiar with the board game, the slight caveat to note is that the board has been rearranged a little to optimise use of the screen in the iPhone version and that the graphic designs, while excellent, differ slightly from the originals, something that takes a game or two to get used to.

This iPhone implementation can be played "solo", against up to 3 other AI players, or in pass-and-play and networked multiplayer modes. Gameplay is generally smooth. When playing in "solo" mode, you may find the pace slightly too rapid (at the stage when AI players collect their workers) to fully appreciate every detail of their turn, compared to human games when players typically deliberate a little more. On the other hand, this is preferable to long-winded computer turn play with spurious animations that are found in some other computer implementations of board games.

Overall, Stone Age: The Board Game comes highly recommended for fans of the original or for those that enjoy board games with a similar "collection/action turn play" style of strategy.

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