Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is a sim game similar to other "tower" sims: the aim is to build up a commercial and residential tower and manage the resulting community of residents and workers.

Each time you purchase a new floor to the tower, you must decide the type (residential or various categories of commercial). Building residential floors allows you to move in more residents (or "blitzens"), each of who has particular attributes (strengths/weaknesses in different areas of work). Building commercial floors brings additional sources of income as you allocate residents to jobs in those businesses. The main strategy of the game is therefore to find a match between the types of commercial floors being built and the strengths of the residents.

As with many "asset-building" games nowadays, the game has a normal currency, used primarily for building floors, plus a premium currency which is used to perform tasks such as speeding up construction work or being able to specify precisely which business gets built on a given floor (as opposed to a random business of a given type). The latter process in turn becomes useful when trying to accomplish a number of goals that are set within the game, such as having a particular combination of businesses within your tower.

Actions such as building a new floor or stocking a business can take several hours, so that after the first few moves this is largely a game where you will dedicate a few minutes every couple of hours. You can also dedicate active playing time to a few less interesting tasks such as moving blitzens who arrive at the lift up to the appropriate floor in the hope that they will leave you a "tip" in premium currency.

As with other titles by the same publisher, the game's graphics are deliberately "retro" in style, something reminiscent of an 80s-90s arcade machine by today's standards. It doesn't get in the way of gameplay particularly and you'll either love or hate this.

The game overall has some addictive qualities and is worth checking out. My main criticism is that the 'minute by minute' tasks of moving characters in the lift or finding which floor a particular character is on are somewhat tedious, and the actual strategy of assigning residents to jobs in an optimal manner is somewhat weak. Overall, the game will therefore appeal to those who like a methodical, low-strategy way of filling their coffee breaks.

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